The many uses of Aerial photography

Having the right image can be incredibly powerful. After all a picture, can say a thousand words. As you can expect, here at Amey and Co we are big fans of powerful pictures, which means that we have fully embraced the world of aerial photography.

But what makes aerial photography so awesome and is it more than just a way to get some aerial shots of a landscape?

Capture footage that would otherwise be difficult

One of the biggest benefits to using a drone for aerial photography is that it allows you to capture footage that you simply wouldn’t be able to do on foot. For many years, if this out of bounds video or photo footage needed to be taken, then it would cost a considerable amount of money to send out a helicopter or plane to do so.

In comparison, not only are drones great for videoing or photographing aerial footage, but they are also available at a fraction of the price too.

Ideal for estate agents

Are you an estate agent looking for a way to appeal to prospective sellers over your competitors? If you are then why not see if providing aerial shots of your properties is the USP that you are searching for.

By using aerial photography, you can give prospective buyers a better idea of the size and layout of the property, as well as how big the garden, drive or any other outdoor spaces are.

It isn’t just domestic properties that can benefit from aerial photography, drones can also be used for commercial agents too. They are ideal for big commercial buildings, in particular those that have loading bays or other large spaces that need to be considered prior to being rented or bought.

Perfect for travel brochures

Want to tempt people to come to stay at your resort? Think your hotel will look even more beautiful from up above? Why not use a drone to capture footage that you can use on your website, or as stills in a brochure?

Think of it as a virtual tour of the premises, but one that has received a bit of a 360 upgrade!

Film large outdoor events

If people are not able to get tickets to an event, then aerial photography gives them a chance to really feel like they are there. Drones can be used to fly above open air concerts or sporting events, capturing all of the best moments and replaying them to an audience, who didn’t get the chance to be there in person!

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can use aerial photography, both in business and in your personal life. Drones are fast becoming a great technological addition to a number of industries and as more and more people realise just how useful they can be, we are sure that they will take off even further!