Cotswold Tree & Access Hire

Website Creation

"Creating a website for a new business is an important stage, Amey and co delivered a stylish user friendly search engine optimised website. As every day goes past we rank higher on search engines than our competitors. Highly recommended"

Rupert Arneil

Amey and Co were given the opportunity to create a website from scratch. Cotswold Tree and Access is split into two areas, access hire and tree surgery, this posed the main challenge.

The challenge was overcome by splitting the website from the landing page and allowing separate parts of the website to be accessed through different url’s and links. The overall art direction is dramatic and visually appealing in order to reflect the slick professional service Cotswold Tree and Access offers.

We encouraged the client to search engine optimise the site in order to rank the businesss higher, important because the work is mostly local. Through tracking Amey and Co have suggested different avenues and advertisement streams that have lead to further traffic.

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